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About Us

Unistab is a famous brand in the small domestic appliances segment based out of Hyderabad. Unistab was launched in 1977 by Mr. Ramesh Partani and his family members. Unistab is having a strong loyal customer base created on account of superb, well designed, innovative home products sold under this brand over the last several decades. Unistab was launched on 23rd September 1977, on the Dussehra day. This was also the day television transmission was launched in the city of Hyderabad. Unistab timed the launch of its elegant, shock proof, fiber glass molded housing voltage stabilisers to coincide with the launch of television transmission. This created instant success for unistab and it became a popular household brand. Over the years several other models for refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners were launched. During this journey several attractive shapes and designs were introduced in injection molded ABS housings. On the technology front, the discrete component technology of the 70,s was replaced with IC based quick response circuitry. With further advancement in electronics Micro processor based programable designs were introduced which now make unistab stabilisers hi-tech and reliable. The transformers technology also expanded to include a range to toroidal transformers to add to the regular E&I transformers. To meet the growing customer demand from far off remote locations, several models were introduced with expanded working voltage range. Today unistab range includes voltage stabilisers for all the domestic appliances in all working ranges up to a maximum of 90v-310v input voltage range. Low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, intelligent time delay, thermal protections, digital display etc. are some of the features offered in the unistab range.

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